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Amica 618CE3.434HTaKDQXx Ceramic kitchen Ražotājs: AMICA

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Cena: €405.29
Norādītā cena ir spēkā,
pasūtot preci 23.10.2021.

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Produkta kods: 618CE3.434HTAKDQXX

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618CE3.434HTaKDQXx Ceramic kitchen

XXL capacity

The increased oven capacity allows maximum use of space and the possibility of baking many dishes at the same time.

Side ladders
Ladders made of stainless steel make it easier to pull out sheets and ensure their stability. They can be easily removed and washed, also in the dishwasher.

Number of oven functions: 10

Fan + top heater + bottom heater; toaster; toaster + top heater; thawing; bottom heater; fast heating; hot air + bottom heater; hot air; top heater + toaster + fan; conventional.

Rapid heating
The oven reaches a temperature of 150 ° C in four minutes - it's 20% faster compared to the standards.

Energy class A
Intelligent technology means taking care of every aspect. Amica has been focusing on ecological solutions for years. The higher the energy class, the lower the power consumption. Class A is a symbol of care for the environment and a visible reduction in electricity bills.

Electronic timer Ta
The programmers provide the freedom to set the off time and the oven heating time. Three control buttons provide uncomplicated programmer operation.

Catalytic inserts
They guarantee the cleanliness of the oven walls, retaining grease and dirt. The possibility of replacing them ensures comfort in using the oven.

Easy Clean enamel

Thanks to the special type of oven coating, fat does not stick to its walls. This significantly facilitates cleaning the oven.

Ideal for defrosting foods such as meat, fish, bread and cakes. From now available at your fingertips.

Electric rotisserie
A unique piece of equipment that allows you to prepare crispy and brown dishes. Particularly useful when roasting poultry. We achieve the best results by combining the use of a spit, toaster and top heater.

Recipes on the door
The recipes on the inside of the oven door are a practical guide at your fingertips - it contains information about the type of food, temperature, level and cooking time.

Embossed Baking Levels

This element makes it easier to recognize the baking levels in the oven. Consistent with the guide on the inside of the oven door.

Drawer on roller guides
Under the oven chamber there is space for storing dishes, pans and pots. The drawer is mounted on roller guides, which ensure stable, quiet operation. Thanks to modern, synthetic materials, the drawer is more resistant to high temperatures.

Ergonomic handle with a hanger
The ergonomic handle with a trapezoidal shape fits perfectly in the hand, allowing easy and quick opening of the oven.

Cool front (3 windows in the door)
The use of three panes in the oven door allows a significant lowering on the front.

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