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Amica Gas-electric cooker 58GEH2.31HZpTaDA (Xx) (57103) Ražotājs: AMICA

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Cena: €280.66
Norādītā cena ir spēkā,
pasūtot preci 25.10.2021.

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Produkta kods: 57103

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Free-standing gas electric cooker 58GEH2.31HZpTaDA (Xx)

Cool front (3 windows)
Certainly you or your loved ones have burned at least once, accidentally touching the hot oven glass. With Amica kitchen at home, this will not happen. Oven doors are equipped with 3 internal glass is a reflective glass that reflects heat, preventing excessive heating of the external glass. Ensure safety in the kitchen for all household members.

Heating in 4 minutes
Are you in constant gear and lacking time for everything? This function allows you to heat the oven very quickly to the selected temperature. Turns on hot air heaters and bottom heaters or a reinforced grill and fan, thus using the full power of the oven to quickly heat up the chamber. The oven can be turned on just before baking and you can be sure that you can make it on time!

Wok burner
Are you planning a party and want to serve your favorite Wok Asian dish? With an Amica gas hob with a Wok burner, you'll do it in concert! This type of burner has a triple flame and is ideal for preparing dishes in large pots, pans or wok dishes. It allows for quick even frying or cooking, without the risk of burning, under browning or loss of nutrients. You only have fun.

Stable cast iron grates
A pot of boiling water wobbling on an unstable grill can be very dangerous. That is why Amica uses stable cast iron grates that not only guarantee safety, but also increase the aesthetics of the kitchen. They have been designed so that you can move hot pots without the risk of the grate being moved. In addition, you can wash them in the dishwasher, eliminating the need for cumbersome scrubbing. This is comfort from the kitchen.

Drawer on roller guides
Under the oven chamber there is space for storing dishes, pans and pots. The drawer is mounted on roller guides, which ensure stable, quiet operation. Thanks to modern, synthetic materials, the drawer is more resistant to high temperatures.

Even baking
The new chamber design guarantees perfect, even heat distribution, thanks to which you can prepare a large portion of baked goods up to 3 levels. And be sure that they will be evenly browned and baked.

Electric igniter in the knob
No more fingers burned from matches and perishable gas igniters. Thanks to the Electric gas igniter in the knob firing the gas will become fabulously simple and convenient. You can do everything with one hand. Press and turn the knob and the burner will ignite. Boil for comfort in the kitchen.

Steam cleaning
With the steam cleaning function, washing the oven will no longer be so tedious. The steam softens the dirt, and cleaning is limited to pouring 1 cup of water onto the baking tray, setting the oven at 50 ° C and leaving the appliance for 30 minutes. Dirt softened by steam can be easily removed from the entire oven using a sponge with water and washing up liquid. Oily stains and other dirt will disappear without using harmful chemicals.

EasyClean easy-clean enamel
Scrubbing the oven is an occupation that you certainly do not like. To facilitate the cleaning process, the interior of Amica ovens has been covered with a special EasyClean enamel that has no pores or cavities to deposit dirt and grease. From now on, cleaning the oven will be fabulously easy. Make your life easier! Don't waste too much time cleaning! Spend it with loved ones or developing your interests.

Lacquered caps
The enamel-covered cover is extremely durable. Provides safety and comfort of use.

Energy class A
Paying electricity bills is a chore. For the sake of your budget and the environment, in Amica ovens we have used solutions that guarantee lower electricity consumption and, consequently, lower bills. Amica ovens are effective in every respect!

Side ladders
Amica kitchens are primarily practical solutions for your comfort. Side ladders will allow you to easily and safely slide out and slide metal sheets. Do you want to wash the cooking compartment? Just dismantle the ladders. It's easy because they are mounted on special hooks. Ladders can also be washed in a dishwasher, avoiding time-consuming scrubbing. And if you decide that you need telescopic guides, buy them and attach them to the ladders. Long live comfort!

Feel like delicious meatballs. But first you have to defrost them. No problem. Insert them into the oven and activate the Defrost function. After a while you will be able to fry the meatballs and enjoy their taste.

Electronic timer Ta
You expect guests on Sunday. Roast, salad, delicious soup, dessert It's hard to control everything. In this situation, Amica kitchen and the solutions used in it will help you. The electronic programmer will allow you to set the time after which the oven will automatically turn off, eliminating the risk of baking. All you have to do is collect your compliments and have a good time.

Recipes on the door
From now on, if you have Amica cuisine, you don't have to browse through the cookbooks for information on how to cook a particular dish. On the inside of the oven door you will find a practical guide that will tell you what temperature and baking time to choose for the preparation of a particular dish. Comfort at your fingertips. That you would always be baked.

Drawer on roller guides
Under the oven chamber there is space for storing dishes, pans and pots. The drawer is mounted on roller guides, which ensure stable, quiet operation. Thanks to modern, synthetic materials, the drawer is more resistant to high temperatures.

Gas outflow protection
If the burner accidentally goes out, it can get dangerous. Not for Amica kitchens that use a special gas shut-off valve. Security above all!

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