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Amica Microwave oven X-TYPE AMMB25E2SGW (1103170) Ražotājs: AMICA

Kategorija: /Māja, dārza piederumi/Mini plītis/indukcijas/grili

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Fotogrāfijām ir informatīvs raksturs, kas nevienmēr atspoguļo preces patieso izskatu.

Cena: €269.21
Norādītā cena ir spēkā,
pasūtot preci 25.10.2021.

Cenā iekļauts PVN 21%

Produkta kods: 1103170

Ir piegādātāju noliktavā:16+


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Microwave oven X-TYPE AMMB25E2SGW

Ready programs
Does choosing the right power and heating time have to be a problem? Not if you use an Amica microwave oven. Put the food in, set its weight, select the type, and the microwave oven will select the appropriate program itself. Simple and convenient.

Quick Start
You're coming home. You feel hungry and you need to eat something immediately. In such situations, the QuickStart function will be perfect. You click and it's on. Wait a minute and your favorite dish is ready.

Stainless steel interior
High quality and reliability are certainly the basic criteria that guide you when choosing appliances for your kitchen. Amica microwave ovens will meet your expectations. Their interiors are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to damage and greatly facilitates cleaning. Amica is comfort for years!

Certainly, you have accidentally turned on, off or changed the settings of your microwave oven more than once. Thanks to the blockade used in Amica cookers, you will eliminate such a risk. To enable or disable the lock, select the appropriate combination of buttons on the control panel. The lock will be especially useful if you have children or when you want to wipe the case of the device.

Time defrosting
Need to quickly prepare a large batch of meat, but the meat is frozen? Do not worry. Set the defrosting time and the Amica microwave oven will defrost the food quickly. Without the need for long-term defrosting, which is also associated with the growth of bacteria. Always on time.

Defrosting by weight
You fancy a pizza but it's frozen to the bone. No problem. Set the weight and the microwave oven will automatically select the defrosting time and power. Thanks to weight defrosting, you will not only defrost the food quickly, but also avoid overheating it. Amica microwave ovens are a sea of benefits.

The middle of winter, and you want to have a grilled pork neck. Nothing easier. Put the dish in the Amica microwave oven, select the Grill function and prepare a deliciously crispy dish once! Grill all year round!

5 power levels
The power level in microwave ovens can be set depending on what kind of dish we want to prepare and how much time we have for it. In addition to the maximum, medium, minimum and keep warm levels, the temporary defrost function is very useful.

Sensor opening
Forget about standard buttons and knobs sensor opening of the door is comfort and aesthetics in one. You don't need to use force anymore, a gentle touch is all it takes and the door opens automatically. In addition, the flat control panel is easier to keep clean, because the lack of buttons means no gaps. And pure comfort.

Rotating plate
It will ensure even heating of the food. It will make your dish always perfectly heated outside, inside and on the bottom. Enjoy your meal!

Glass Front
Front elements finished with mirror glass.

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