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Eldom PR500 ONE electric oven Ražotājs: ELDOM

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Cena: €86.39
Norādītā cena ir spēkā,
pasūtot preci 23.10.2021.

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Produkta kods: PR500

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The oven is equipped with:
- rotary spit (360 °) with drive

- grill grate (grate)

- baking plate

- universal plate and grill holder

The PR500 model has a stainless steel casing and optimal insulation is provided by a door with a special double-glazed glass. The oven is equipped with five modes of operation, hot air and works in the temperature range from 100 ° C to 230 ° C. Illuminated heating chamber makes it easy to constantly view the level of cooking dishes and two heaters. The oven also has two independent heaters located at the top and bottom of the chamber. Relatively to your needs, you can use both or only one of them at the same time. A practical countdown timer is used to program the cooking time and the end of operation is signaled by a sound. The device is also easy to clean and some parts are dishwasher safe.

- five modes of operation,



- rotary horn (360 °) with drive,

- heating chamber lighting,

-heaters at the top and bottom of the chamber - the ability to turn on both heaters at once or only one of them,

- timer 120 min. - automatic switch off - sound signaling,

-control lamp,

- stainless steel housing,

- door with special double-glazed glass made of tempered glass - optimal insulation,

- capacity: 48L,

- temperature regulation: 100 ° C-230 ° C,

- dimensions of the device: height: 34.5cm; width: 58cm; depth: 44cm

- power: 2000 W

Eldom PR500 ONE electric oven

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