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Esperanza EKH007W Elktroplītiņa ar 2 sildelementiem 2500W Ražotājs: ESPERANZA

Kategorija: /Māja, dārza piederumi/Mini plītis/indukcijas/grili

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Cena: €15.42
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pasūtot preci 20.10.2021.

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Produkta kods: EKH007W

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The heating plate is equipped with an overheating protection. Thanks to five levels of temperature control, you can choose the right temperature to prepare the food. Our oven is ideal for places where there is no access to gas, eg garden plots. Its usefulness will be appreciated also when it suddenly turns out that the current number of burners in the kitchen is, however, too small in view of the situation, for example a family home celebration or a private bargain party. Our cooker proves to be a very good choice, if this type of device will be needed only temporarily, eg for the time of renting a non-equipped flat.

Voltage 220-230 V, 50-60 Hz

Power 2500W (1x1500W, 1x1000W)

2 heating plates with a diameter of 18.8 cm and 15.5 cm

External dimensions of the oven: 48 x 23.5 x 7 cm

The length of the power cord: 0.75m

Smooth 5-step power regulation

Overheating protection

Control lamp (on / off)

Made of heat-resistant materials

Non-stick coating - very easy cleaning

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