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Lafe Electric oven 50L PIW-005 Ražotājs: LAFE

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Cena: €90.80
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pasūtot preci 20.10.2021.

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Produkta kods: PIW-005

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LAFPIE46772 Electric Oven 50L LAFE PIW-005
Do you love home baking, but your kitchen has no place for classic large-size furniture? This does not mean that you have to give up your favorite dishes, the LAFE electric oven is enough, which offers advanced possibilities of preparing various dishes. The LAFE oven heats up instantly and distributes the heat evenly. Place it wherever you want and start baking!

  • Capacity 50 L.
  • Maximum power 2000 W.
  • Illuminated interior.
  • True Fan Cooking.
  • Temperature control.
  • Rotary spit.
  • Adjustable thermostat.

Two birds with one stone
The large capacity of the LAFE device, up to 50 L, will allow you to prepare up to twice as many dishes as in a standard mini oven. The set includes a grate and a baking tray, so you can bake on two levels at the top and bottom at the same time. Like traditional ovens, the height of the trays is adjustable, which makes it easy to adapt the interior of the LAFE to the specific dish you intend to prepare in it.

Convenience and versatility
The maximum power that you set in the oven is up to 2000 W, which will make it easy to prepare pizza, delicious yeast rolls or aromatic chicken for dinner. The wide range of temperature control (60-240 ° C) makes the LAFE oven a truly versatile device, you can use it to dry mushrooms, prepare your favorite cake or bake, as well as bake homemade bread.

Perfectly prepared dishes
The LAFE mini oven can confidently compete with classic kitchen appliances. Thanks to the convection function, hot air is evenly distributed in the chamber of the device, cooking the food thoroughly from all sides. You no longer have to worry about the fact that the appetizing-looking roast will turn out to be raw inside the LAFE machine, you can trust. Do you want to prepare an exquisite goose for a family dinner? Use the rotating spit attached to the oven for this, this option will allow you to prepare perfectly baked meat in a traditional form, on a spit, as well as grilled.

Convenience above all
The LAFE oven is a device that is not only functional, but also simple and comfortable to use. During operation, the interior of the device is illuminated, which will allow you to control the process of preparing problematic pastries, such as, for example, yeast dough. The device is equipped with a timer, so while baking you can focus on other activities, when it is over, the oven will automatically turn off and notify you with a sound signal. In addition, the control lamp will inform you about the status of the device, so you will always find out about a possible failure in time.

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