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Iwood Wooden food cake cupcakes ice cream (14004) Ražotājs:

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Produkta kods: 14004

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Appetizing sweets perfect for afternoon tea with friends! use a toy knife to cut the cake. The candy elements are attached with Velcro and can be separated, which increases realism. Includes a fun knife, plate, toy cakes, cupcakes and ice cream. The whole thing is made of wood painted with safe, non-toxic, water-based paints, completely harmless if a little cook decides to bite his work. The toy wonderfully develops the child's imagination, allowing him to play roles and practice skills useful in life. Playing with a group of friends helps to shape social skills and strengthens family ties.

Children get to know the world through specific elements of the environment with which they meet. Each iWood product has been carefully designed to guarantee safety while remaining attractive and absorbing the child's attention. Each toy is designed to help your toddler develop intelligence, manual skills, practice fine movements, eye-hand coordination and spatial vision. Each iWood toy develops creativity, storytelling skills and makes it easier for your child to understand the world around them. Playing in a group develops very important social skills and strengthens family ties.
IWood toys are made of natural, fully renewable materials. Strict quality control at every production stage ensures safety and high quality.

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