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Sparkfun SEN-15180 TF03 Long-Distance LiDAR Module SparkFun Ražotājs: Spalding

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Cena: €280.34
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pasūtot preci 27.01.2020.

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Produkta kods: SEN-15180

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The TF03 is the third generation product of TF series and is a ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to an object as close as 10 centimeters and as far as 180 meters!!! As with all LiDAR sensors, your effective detection distance will vary depending on lighting conditions and the reflectivity of your target object. What makes this sensor special is its size & environmental operating range. Measuring only 44x43x32mm, the TF03 allows you to integrate LiDAR into applications traditionally reserved for smaller sensors and in harsh environments thanks to its IP67 rating. IP67 aka "Dust tight & water resistant" and -25~60℃ operating temp. The TF03 is easy to power at only 5V and easy to talk to using a 3.3V UART at 115200 baud.

Important: This product does not use laser light for ranging. Instead it contains an LED and optics. Many such systems are being marketed under the name "LiDAR," although it may be more appropriate to think of this device as a "Time-of-Flight Infrared Rangefinder". It differs significantly from traditional IR rangefinders in that it uses ToF to determine range and not triangulation — as is performed by the Sharp GP-series devices.


  • TF03 LiDAR Module & integrated cable


  • Range - 180m@90% reflectivity,70m@10% reflectivity
  • Non-detection zone - 10cm
  • Distance resolution - 1cm
  • Accuracy - ±10cm(less than 10m),1%(more than 10m)
  • Repeatability - 1σ:<3cm
  • Frame rate - 1Hz-1000Hz adjustable(default 100Hz)
  • Ambient light immunity - 100Klux
    • Range @ 100Klux - 130m@90% reflectivity, 50m@10%reflectivity
  • Over range output - 180m(default value, revisable) *light source - LED
  • Wavelength of light source - 905nm
  • Detection angle - 0.5°
  • Spot size - 100m away:100cm*28cm(horizontal * vertical)
  • Laser class - CLASS 1(IEC 60825)
  • Supply voltage - DC 5V(≥180mA)
  • Average current - ≤180mA
  • Power consumption - ≤0.9W
  • Peak current - ≤180mA
  • Communication voltage level - 3.3V
  • Wiring length - 70cm
  • Dimension - 44mm * 43mm * 32mm (L*W *H)
  • Weight - 77g
  • Enclosure Material - Aluminum alloy
  • Installation specification - 6 pieces of mounting hole at the bottom,specification is M3*3.5mm
  • Working temperature - -25~60℃
  • Storage temperatuere - -40~85℃
  • Enclosure rating - IP67



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