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Sparkfun SEN-14535 Walabot Developer SparkFun Ražotājs: Spalding

Kategorija: /SPARKFUN katalogs/Sensors/Light/Imaging

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Cena: €734.65
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pasūtot preci 08.08.2020.

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Produkta kods: SEN-14535

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The Walabot Developer is a programmable 3D sensor inside a protective enclosure that looks into objects using radio frequency technology. This technology breaks through known barriers, bringing highly sophisticated sensing capabilities to your fingertips. This Walabot Developer version uses an 18-antenna array to illuminate the area in front of it and sense the returning signals. The signals are produced and recorded by a VYYR2401 A3 System-on-Chip integrated circuit. They are then communicated to a host device (like your phone or computer) using a USB interface, which is implemented using a Cypress controller.

Through broadband recordings from multiple transmit-receive antenna pairs, the Walabot Developer is able to analyze and reconstruct a three-dimensional image of the environment. Analysis of sequences of images allows detecting changes in the environment. Each Developer version is capable of short-range imaging into dielectric environments such as drywall and concrete, as well as target and breathing pattern detection. Each includes a micro-B 3.0 to USB cable and a micro-B to micro-B USB cable.

Get Started With the Walabot Guide


  • 1x Walabot Developer
  • 1x micro-B 3.0 to USB cable
  • 1x micro-B to micro-B USB cable


  • Frequency range: 6.3–8GHz
  • 18-antenna array
  • Three-dimensional radio frequency-based sensor
  • Uses an array of linearly polarized broadband antennas
  • Radar mode API for 3D target tracking and monitoring
  • Breathing API
  • Imaging API
  • Raw signal data
  • High 3D resolution
  • Range measurement and motion detection capabilities
  • Walabot Black Shell Case



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