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Sparkfun SPX-15000 WiFi IR Blaster - ESP8266 SparkFun Ražotājs: Spalding

Kategorija: /SPARKFUN katalogs/Wireless/WiFi

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Produkta kods: SPX-15000

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The WiFi IR Blaster is designed to connect all of your legacy IR-controlled devices to a WiFi network – exposing them to a new horizon of control. Want to control your TV via a web-browser? Want to ask Alexa to mute your stereo? Want to schedule triggers to your IR-controlled LED strip? These are all applications that the WiFi IR Blaster is perfect for.

The IR Blaster combines an ESP8266 – a powerful WiFi/microcontroller SoC – with an IR emitter and receiver. With built-in WiFi support, the ESP8266 can be programmed to provide an interface between HTTP, MQTT, TCP, and UDP services and the infrared-controlled devices populating your entertainment center.

This product includes the WiFi IR Blaster, a Lite-ON LTE-302 infrared emitter, and a TSOP38238 IR receiver. The IR emitter and detector are not populated on the board – allowing you to assemble them in any orientation your project requires.

This board works with the ESP8266 Arduino hardware definitions and is designed to be programmed with a 3.3V 6-pin USB-to-serial converter – we recommend either the Beefy 3 FTDI Basic Breakout or Serial Basic Breakout - CH340G (something with a 3.3V regulator that can supply enough power to the ESP8266 and IR emitter).

For help getting started, check out our WiFi IR Blaster Hookup Guide, which explains how to assemble the board, program it, and use the IRremoteESP8266 Arduino library.

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Experimental Product: SparkX products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products. Head on over to our forum for support or to ask a question.



  • ESP-12S Module
    • ESP8266 WiFi/Microcontroller SoC
    • 4 Mb flash
    • PCB trace antenna
  • Programmable via 6-pin serial interface
  • Included IR emitter – Lite-ON LTE-302
  • Included IR receiver – TSOP38238 IR receiver
  • User LED and button
  • Reset button
  • 3.3V low dropout regulator
  • Extra ESP8266 I/O breakouts


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